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Why Balance?

The more I learn, balance and moderation just keep coming back to me. Nutrition isn’t about demonising whole food groups like carbs or fat, it’s about balance.

Everything your body does, all of its processes, metabolism, sickness, everything … aims to restore and maintain, you guessed it, balance.

Why Eaton Balanced?

“Everything in moderation” My Mum’s favourite saying and we’ve all heard this before.  But what does it mean?


Equilibrium (where opposing forces are balanced) and homeostasis (a stable equilibrium).

A state our body is constantly trying to achieve.  It’s why we sweat, why we get thirsty, why we shiver and why we eat.  It’s the why for everything our body does.

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What are you studying?

Bachelor of Science Nutrition & Food Science, with a double major in Human Nutrition + Nutrition & Physiology. 

It’s a 3 year university degree which is recognised by Nutrition Australia and The Nutrition Society of Australia.  Remember to check qualifications before taking any kind of nutrition advice. And if anything sounds ‘too good to be true’ or you have any doubts, always trust your gut. 

What is my philosophy

My philosophy is about finding your own balance.  Health is not about demonising foods and food groups.

BUT I also recognise many of you may have an intolerance or allergy (hey! I’m lactose intolerant). So if you’re cutting out ingredients because of an allergy or intolerance, you may find it that little bit harder to maintain a healthy balance.. but I’m here to show you that achieving this is still possible.

You will notice my recipes state things like “milk of choice” and this leaves it open for you to use whatever your preference is. My recipes are for everyone, but they also cater to those to have allergies and intolerance's.

Bad, Clean and Guilt free food

Are all terms you will never see me use!

Nutrition is a science and eating is a behaviour.

To me, these terms affect the psychology of eating. Using these words can set you up to feel guilty – I don’t believe that to be healthy or balanced. Having a healthy relationship with food is just as important as the nutrients you eat.

Still want to know more?

Here’s a brief run-down of the journey that brought me to where I am today.

  • I’m a teacher + have a degree in BA (DANCE) BEd Dance & Theatre + Performance Studies.

  • I LOVE performing.

  • I used to teach Performing Arts.

  • I was a cheerleader in Sydney (for the NRL Bulldogs) and London.

  • I lived in London for 3 years.

  • I've danced on the field at big sporting events in the UK such as the Rugby World Cup, and on TV shows such as A League of Their Own with James Corden.

  • I've worked as a body double and a stand in.

  • I’ve travelled to over 23 countries and am still adding to the list.

Melissa Eaton - Cheerleading

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